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Main Exhibition


The Main Exhibition introduces two concepts:“Hokkaido as Part of Northeast Asia” and “The Interrelationships of Nature and Humans” through five themes integrating Hokkaido’s nature, history, and culture. Please start with the theme that interests you most.

Main Exhibition

Museum Cafe

A small coffee shop “Museum Cafe” is in the Grand Hall that serves coffee, other beverages, donuts and other snacks.

There is no cafeteria in the museum. If you brought food with you, please eat it in the Lounge on the Mezzanine. There is a cafeteria in the Historical Village of Hokkaido.

Checking carried items

There are coin-operated lockers on the first floor. Bags that will not fit in coin lockers can be checked at the Welcome Center.


Discovery Square


This is a room where visitors can have hands-on experiences involving “observing intently,” “encountering the real thing,” “using a tool” and “making something.” Using Discovery Kits that allow them to experience such things as touching a fossil or encountering Ainu culture, visitors can discover a mystery of nature, the wisdom of a person from the past or something else they didn’t know. Exciting “Discovery Events” are held on weekends and holidays.



The Library is near the spot where one exits the Main Exhibition Hall elevator and the stairs from the 1st Floor to the Lower Level. Here a person can research and receive reference services.


Wheelchairs are available for complimentary use. Disabled people may use the disabled parking next to the museum.

There is a slope for wheelchairs running alongside the stairs of the front deck and Grand Hall. You may use the slope rather than the stairs to go to the Welcome Center from the disabled parking.

Multipurpose restrooms can be found on the 1st floor and Lower Level. (They include facilities for ostomates.)

For visitors accompanied by small children

Baby carriages are available for complimentary use.

The Nursing Room can be used for nursing babies. Please tell the Welcome Center staff if you would like to use it.