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Centennial Memorial Tower

What kind of place is Centennial Memorial Tower?

Centennial Memorial Tower was built in 1970 as one part of Hokkaido’s Centennial Project, as an expression of gratitude for the hard work of the people who built the Hokkaido of today and as a symbol of limitless future development. The tower is 100 meters tall to represent 100 years, and a view room that overlooks the city of Sapporo and Ishikari Plain was built on its 8th floor (23.5 meters up). Quadratic curves that stretch toward the sky and cross at a point at an infinite height symbolize future development. Moreover, on a planar level it is modeled on a hexagon, which expresses a snow crystal. For safety reasons, the Hokkaido Centennial Memorial Tower and its environs are currently off-limits.

Walk from Hokkaido Museum 5 minutes